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#011: From feed-forward to newsletter launch

Here’s a quick review of the first 10 editions of The Career Compass, with short summaries for each.

Today’s issue takes about 2 minutes to read. Enjoy.

How to... #001 - Discover what is important in your new role
  1. Get suggestions from your existing colleagues

  2. Review and implement the best ideas

  3. Repeat the exercise with your new colleagues

#002 - Zoom your way to new career opportunities
  1. Prepare properly

  2. Build connections at scale

  3. Use the tools available to you

  4. Take the opportunity to contribute

#003 - Take your first steps toward writing on LinkedIn
  1. Keep a journal

  2. Capture your thoughts

  3. Road-tested your ideas with a friend

  4. Practice writing on the platform by commenting

#004: Build your own professional community
  1. Choose an interesting topic

  2. Find members in the right places

  3. Connect with experts who want to share

  4. Set the ambition for the group at the start

#005: Create your first website
  1. Research before starting

  2. Start for free using

  3. Buy a website address (domain) from GoDaddy

  4. Build and iterate your website on a design platform like Wix

#006: Get professional coaching for free
  1. Find a business school with new trainees

  2. Join a taster programme run by a coaching organisation

  3. Have your session recorded in exchange for a free session

  4. Ask your company to provide an internal coach or pay for a professional

#007: Host your own LinkedIn Live
  1. Partner up with someone else

  2. Create your event and add a cover image

  3. Promote the event to your network and friends

  4. Download streaming software, practice, and go live!

#008: Start your own podcast
  1. Select your podcast style + theme

  2. Invest in a good quality microphone

  3. Test the quality and make adjustments

  4. Record your first episode and make small edits

  5. Upload to a hosting platform and publish to the world!

#009: Build your team for promotion
  1. Team up with your competition

  2. Find a short-term mentor to help guide you

  3. Get sponsorship from a senior leader to unlock opportunities

  4. Work with a professional coach to create your own path to success

#010: Start your first newsletter
  1. Select your (high-level) theme

  2. Utilise an emailing platform such as MailChimp

  3. Use writing templates to make the whole process easier

  4. Publish your newsletter and repurpose it for your social media channels


If you enjoyed reading this, the best compliment you could pay me would be to share it with others using the links below.

Thanks, Jamie

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