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Resources for professional coaches

Early on in my career as a professional coach, I taught myself a lot of new things.


I've shared some of the most useful things that I learned below in the hope that they will be of use to other new coaches. 

How to guides

BuilD a CommuniTy

I lead the UK’s number #1 ‘marketing for coaches’ professional community, with a membership of over 150 coaches.

It started off life as me and one other person... I've now hosted some of the world's leading professional coaches who have shared their expert advice on marketing and business development of a coaching business. 

Here's how I did it (and how you can too!): 


If you're early in your coaching journey, getting to your first 50 hours of experience is an important milestone.


But how do you do it? 

I was invited by the inspirational Claire Pedrick to join a panel of 4 other great coaches to discuss this topic.


The first step...'You have to put your hand up and say you're a coach'.

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Coming soon:

The most important first step in your journey as a new coach? 

Defining your niche. 
In 2023 I will launch a short course called 'The Coaching Niche Playbook' to show you how.
Interested in learning more?... Click below for a sneak peek. 

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