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Work with me 1 to 1

Going through a career transition can be difficult and stressful.


To help you accelerate your success, I offer personalised coaching that will help you address the most challenging aspects of your journey.


What is my approach?

I have a flexible coaching style and work with clients as a facilitator, raising self-awareness and enabling personal development using careful questioning, supportive challenge and encouraging self-reflection.  


I enable clients to work through any limiting beliefs and obstacles by drawing on a variety of coaching techniques, which I tailor to the client and situation. 


I am pragmatic and results-orientated and help my clients to understand their strengths, impact on others, and how they can use this information to achieve successful outcomes in their professional lives.


What can you expect? 

You can expect me to be focused on your needs, and to help you explore any issue you bring along to talk about. Initially, I will begin by establishing a framework with you in terms of time, confidentiality, assurances, and setting mutually agreed boundaries around the scope and range of the content of the session. 


You may wish to introduce more personal aspects to the issue you wish to address, or you may wish to keep the session purely focused on work and career issues. I will aim to help you find the approach which will be most productive for you, and with which you are comfortable. 


If at any time, the session moves into areas outside my field of expertise then I will advise you of this and will not attempt to operate outside of my professional remit. 


Lucy Graley

Jamie is one of those rare coaches who will enable you to unlock your potential and achieve what you want.


He not only coaches thought-provoking sessions but does it with good humour that will put you at ease. 


Chin Ru Foo

I’d recommend Jamie as an executive coach who immediately puts you at ease, builds rapport quickly and believes in your ability to be fully creative, resourceful and whole.


I have no doubt Jamie will continue to do great things for his clients in unlocking their personal and professional growth! 


Dave Phillips

I highly recommend Jamie as a coach. He has a comfortable way of communicating, is patient and very insightful.


He helped me to visualize and clearly understand how to plan my next steps and take action.


I beilieve that you can have the career that you want. 

You can achieve the things that you want to achieve. 

You can be who are destined to be.

But to do all of this, you need to work hard on yourself. 

Let me help you. 

my Coaching Qualification

I studied at the prestigious Henley Business School and completed my Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching.


The Henley Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching is triple-accredited by the International Coaching Federation, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the Association for Coaching.


It is the only university coaching qualification in the world to hold all three accreditations. 

ICF Banner.png

Chris Mitchell

I recently had a coaching session with Jamie with was great! He took the time to listen, reflect my challenges and help me to think through what was important to me.


What stood out most to me was his patience and focus on getting me to think with ambition. The session flew by and I came away with some very clear and focused actions for my business. 

If anyone is thinking about how coaching could help them then I highly recommend Jamie.


Angela Hale

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jamie as a coach. 


I went to him with an issue I was struggling to know how to tackle. He put me at ease and I felt comfortable being able to openly discuss the issues I was facing.


His curiosity and questioning along with the right amount of challenged helped me structure my thought processes and see the challenges from a different perspective.


Doing this enable me to see alternative solutions which I have been able to successfully put into place. 


Kate Wallace

Jamie unlocked positive, new thinking in me during our coaching session.


It was incredibly powerful - surpassing my expectations by many fold.


As a coach, Jamie skilfully helped me to understand and appreciate my values. This increased clarity is now the bedrock of my practice and priorities.


Thank you, Jamie.

Aerial View of Islands


I have coached people from all over the world including; 

  • Canada

  • Italy

  • Germany

  • France

  • Mexico

  • Singapore

  • South Africa

  • Switzerland

  • United Kingdon

  • United States of America


Kristina Koch

I was lucky to have Jamie as my coach! He was able to make a big impact in a short time. I can highly recommend him.

Lucy Carter.jpg

Lucy Carter

I found Jamie really comfortable to talk to which made me feel able to properly share my thoughts and discover new insights.


Highly recommend Jamie for the exec coaching he provided during a turbulent period in my career, keeping me focused and centred on my goals and outcomes.

Amir Rahdari

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