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#010: How to start your first newsletter

Here’s how you can start your first newsletter to help you build your credibility and brand with your own audience.

Today’s issue takes about 3 minutes to read. Enjoy.

Today I’m going to teach you how to start your first newsletter using readily available, easy-to-use technology and systems.

By creating an audience and sharing your best information with them, you can help build your credibility with them, enhance your brand, develop your writing habit and create new opportunities for you in your career.

Unfortunately, people don’t bother and miss out on all of these upsides.

They think writing a newsletter is difficult

They get stuck in the idea that it’s a really tricky, expensive, complicated process.

  • I don’t know what to write about

  • I can’t justify the investment in expensive technology

  • I don’t have the writing skills to write such a long piece

  • I don’t think that anyone will bother to read what I write about

If you can get past these concerns, you can take your ideas and thoughts and turn them into something magical that will be consumed by more people than you can imagine!

Here's how you can start, step by step:

Step 1: Select your (high-level) theme

This is really important as it will help you find the right audience for you.

Work out:

  • What you enjoy learning about

  • What you want to develop a reputation for

  • Where have some experience that you could share

If you can find the right theme for you, the rest becomes a lot easier.

Don’t worry too much right now about what exactly you’re going to write about!

Step 2: Utilise an emailing platform

Too many people think that it’s best to send their newsletter from their own email software.

Don’t do it.

The emailing platforms have in-built analytics tools that allow you to track the performance which is useful.

They also have an audit trail that allows you to evidence how people register for your emails, which helps you comply with data privacy rules.

And they’re easy to use!

I use MailChimp to send my newsletter, and I get the service for free whilst I’m still under the threshold for recipients.

It’s straightforward to use and I’d highly recommend it if you’re thinking about publishing your first newsletter.

Step 3: Use templates

Shh… I have a secret for you…

The best writers, and indeed creators in the world, use writing templates.

There are loads of great templates out there to choose from.

I use the templates from ‘ to write my newsletter.

To date, I have exclusively used the ‘How To’ guide which I’ve tweaked a little for my own purposes.

But you can use whatever suits you and your theme.

From there, these templates will help step you through what you need to write.

Think of them as having a little writing companion next to you as you write.


Step 4: Publish and leverage

You’ve now written your newsletter and sent it out to your mailing list via your email platform.

What if nobody reads it?!

Firstly, at least 50% of your audience will probably read it if you’ve been clear on your theme and attracted the right audience.

But there is a trick to making sure at least some people read what you’ve written…

Package up the content and distribute it via your social media channels.

You’ve now got your thoughts and ideas out to a much wider audience, allowing you to further enhance your brand.


  1. Select your (high-level) theme

  2. Utilise an emailing platform such as MailChimp

  3. Use writing templates to make the whole process easier

  4. Publish your newsletter and repurpose it for your social media channels

Get started today and start strengthening your personal brand.

Good luck!


If you enjoyed reading this newsletter, the best compliment you could pay me would be to share it with others using the links below.

Thanks, Jamie

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