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002 - How to Zoom your way to new career opportunities

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Hi, Jamie here,

Happy Sunday to 46 motivated, ambitious, career climbers living all over this incredible world.

Here’s one quick tip on how to use group video calls to enhance your network and open up new career opportunities.

Today’s issue takes about 2 minutes to read. Enjoy.

Medellin, Colombia

In the new world of remote work, it looks like video calls are here to stay. In today’s newsletter, I’m going to tell you how you can utilise them to develop your career.

If you can learn how to use your time on these calls more effectively, you can make new connections, build your network and unlock new opportunities.

Unfortunately, even after 2 years of remote working, people aren’t using these calls to their maximum potential.

People want to leave Zoom calls as quickly as possible

They have also struggled to maximise their time on video calls because they don’t:

  • Prepare properly

  • Use the tools available to them

  • Take the opportunity to contribute

  • Know how to build connections at scale

But you can overcome these challenges and maximise your time easily, with a few quick adjustments to your approach.

Here's how, step by step:

Step 1: Introduce yourself (properly)

So many people put a quick “Hi, I’m Jamie from England” in the group chat at the start of a call.

Is that the most interesting thing you have to offer? Probably not.

Instead, write what you do, why you’re on the call, and who you’d like to connect with.

Make sure you include your LinkedIn profile link or another contact method if that doesn’t suit you. Don’t include more than 1 contact option; people hesitate when given choice.

Time-saver tip: Write a template introduction and use it in your calls. You’ll save time and start to really tighten your messaging over time.

Remember to avoid sharing an introduction that doesn’t give something of value to your audience.

Step 2: Be visible

Visibility on a group call is vital.

If you’re on screen and engaged, you are more likely to be asked to participate by the speaker or moderator.

Increase your visibility on the group chat by adding perspectives, sharing links, and asking questions throughout.

And if you step into a break-out group, be the first person that offers to ‘chair’ the group.

Often breakout groups run out of time. You don’t want to be the person who misses a chance to share their ideas and make an impact with other people.

Also, be ready to summarize back to the main group if invited to do so.

Step 3: Connect consciously

Having introduced yourself and built credibility on the call, you are now well-positioned to connect in the way that you want.

Connect immediately after the call with the primary speakers and your favourite contributors from the audience, asking to speak again about an area of common interest or to share a different perspective.

You can then use these connections to take your career in any direction that you want.


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