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006 - How to get professional coaching for free

Hi, Jamie here,

Happy Sunday to 63 motivated, ambitious, career climbers living all over this incredible world.

Here’s how to get professional coaching for free to help you develop your career and take your skills and abilities to new heights.

Today’s issue takes about 3 minutes to read. Enjoy.

Abejorral, Colombia

Today I’m going to teach you how to get professional coaching for free.

No matter what stage you are at in your career, I wholeheartedly believe that you will benefit from working with a coach on areas that you want to change, eliminate or improve.

Unfortunately, people don’t work with a coach for various reasons.

People think that professional coaching is expensive

This isn’t the only reason. Other things that stop people include not knowing:

  • What coaching is

  • How to find a good coach

  • When is the right time to be coached

  • If it’s available to anyone other than senior executives

But the idea that coaching is expensive is usually the main factor stopping people.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be!

Here are 4 ways you can get coaching for free:

Option 1: Find a business school

The best way to find a pool of hungry new coaches is to find, and contact, a business school that has a coach training course.

The coach trainees will always need willing volunteers!

I trained at Henley Business School and, to complete the course, I had to coach for 20 hours.

Guess what? Most of those 20 hours were freebies to people who were willing to let me practice what I was learning in exchange for an hour of dedicated coaching.

You will get someone in the heart of coach training for free. And does it matter if they’re ‘only’ a trainee?

Honestly, if it’s someone going through a certified coach training course, even if they are a beginner, the quality of coaching will probably be better than the majority of coaches out there…

Option 2: Find a taster course

Some of the big coaching organisations run taster programmes that you can try out for free.

I took a 2-day course with The Coaching Academy when I was trying to work out whether I wanted to be a professional coach.

In addition to learning about coaching, there were plenty of practice sessions where I had the opportunity to be coached on whatever topic I chose.

The quality of coaching probably won’t be as high as the coaching that you'll receive from a business school trainee but…if you’re thinking about becoming a coach yourself, this might be a good option for you.

Option 3: Become a movie star

Speak to a professional coach you’d like to work with…

The majority will be open to giving you a coaching session for free, in exchange for recording the session.

This might be for their:

  • Website

  • Private community

  • Accreditation process

Pick your subject accordingly with that in mind. Then get help solving your challenge for free.

See you next year at the Oscars...

Option 4: Get your company to pay!

OK maybe this option isn’t strictly a free option but if you aren’t paying, then the outcome is the same!

If you are working for a company, speak to your line manager and/or HR department.

Explain that you want to improve in the areas that you have identified and that you believe that working with a professional coach will help.

More often than not, your company will be supportive of the request and find a way to provide coaching for you, either by pairing you with an internal coach or by finding an external coach for you.

In some instances, you may be asked to find your own coach which is a great opportunity for you to select someone that you really want to work with.


  1. Find a business school with new trainees

  2. Join a taster programme run by a coaching organisation

  3. Have your session recorded in exchange for a free session

  4. Ask your company to provide an internal coach or pay for a professional

Money should not be a reason for failing to get some good quality coaching to help you in your career. And now you know some secrets to getting coaching for free.

Good luck!


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Thanks, Jamie

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