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EP02: Greg Burgoyne

In this episode, I’m joined by Greg Burgoyne who is on a mission to help unlock the best of the world's expertise and create transformative courses for those who need them most.

Greg has gained a double degree in law and commerce, been admitted to the bar, worked in project management, thought leadership writing, and marketing, and done 10 years in ministry.

The convergence of technology, people and purpose drew him into the Online Course Creation space. Bringing together all the skills he gained over the last 15 years to work with highly competent professionals and create learning experiences that people love.

He has worked with coaches and consultants from a wide range of fields to help create their courses. From turning books into courses to keys to starting a business to social media mastery.

Greg has a passion for the outdoors, entrepreneurship and helping others make an impact.

Learn more about him here:

Listen to the episode here:


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