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EP04: Katie George

In Episode 04 of The Career Climb, I’m joined by Katie George, the founder of Being Human Well where she speaks on the topic of empathy and compassion and the positive impact these values have on well-being and productivity in the workplace.

She is a Certified Meditation Teacher and uses meditation as a tool for the cultivation of empathy, compassion and self-inclusion in personal and professional spaces.

Katie is also the founder of Cheeky Mantwa, a stationery brand with a sister publishing imprint focusing on inclusive children’s books. The books aim to instill pride and belonging in mixed heritage children and to educate all children about the beauty of diversity. Katie’s own South African and British heritage has inspired her writing and purpose.

Earlier in her career, Katie led Early Career Talent teams across multiple industries and locations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Listen to the episode here:

Learn more about Katie and her work here:


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